Corporate Shuttle Services in Detroit

Shuttle Employees with Detroit Charter Bus Company

Does your Detroit company need an employee shuttle solution? Local businesses in need of employee bus rentals can count on Detroit Charter Bus Company! We’ll organize shuttle bus rentals to pick up your team for a variety of occasions. Whether you need a daily shuttle into Downtown or bus rental in Detroit for a multi-day conference, we’ve got you covered. Call us at (313) 558-8239 to organize an employee shuttle service in the metro area.

Transport Employees To and From Work

Morning commutes are almost never enjoyable, especially when in major cities like Detroit. The congested ride down I-75 into Downtown Detroit from popular suburbs like Troy isn’t anything to look forward to. Organizing an employee shuttle service can help your employees arrive refreshed and relaxed. They won’t have to worry about traffic because a professional driver will be handling all the transportation. Everyone can hop on a private shuttle at a designated location and leave the traffic up to us.

Customize Fleets and Routes Around Detroit

Whether you're a startup company with a small team or a big business with hundreds of employees, Detroit Charter Bus Company has a solution for you. Smaller companies can book a minibus and larger organizations can rent a charter bus that will accommodate up to 56 passengers. If your company needs several vehicles, we can easily build a custom fleet of buses for you. We’ll help you choose your bus models and then create custom routes to service employees in every corner of Detroit.

Safe and Sanitized Employee Shuttles in Detroit

Employee health and safety should be a company’s top priority. At Detroit Charter Bus Company, we want to help your business keep your employees safe. Commuting during COVID-19 can be tough for those who take DDOT public transportation. Routine sanitization and social distancing aren’t always possible on city buses. It is possible on a private shuttle bus, though! A private employee shuttle will allow you to limit the number of passengers onboard and also to designate sanitization and social distancing protocols.

Let Employees Work or Relax on the Road

Along with being safe and convenient, an employee shuttle bus can boost productivity or allow employees to relax. Each Detroit bus rental that we offer can include additional amenities to keep your employees comfortable. Request a bus rental with WiFi and power outlets for those who want to get work started early or to continue projects while stuck in rush hour traffic. If your team is tired from early mornings and long workdays, rent a shuttle service with reclining seats so everyone can stretch out and unwind.

Attract New Recruits with Convenient Shuttle Services

On top of being a great addition for current employees, a shuttle service is perfect to attract new recruits. A private shuttle service can be an attractive addition to a benefits package for those who are tired of taking on Detroit traffic.

Rent an Employee Shuttle in Detroit Today

We’re here to help organize your employee shuttles whenever you’re ready. Call us around the clock at (313) 558-8239 to discuss your business’s shutter service needs. One of our rental reps will create a personalized contract or quote for you in no time.